Author Topic: You know what's a good band?  (Read 7696 times)

Queen is good and i also like other classic rock bands like Bon Jovi, The police, Sting,etc.

B.Y.O.B by system of a down is almost like deathmetal as defined earlier in this thread but you can hear most of the lyrics.
SOAD is Nu-metal, no where near deathmetal, which is like Meshuggah.
BTW Nofx ftw

Looks like I'm not alone and many people like Supertramp :D
Nice little songs, nothing too heavy, good for just relaxing.

You just can't listen to Interstellar Overdrive all the time :P


End of discussion.
my mom went to the same school as bono and my aunt went to his wedding.

I like this female artist named Layne Larson. She was on some show a while ago (2004) called The Great Pretender. It's a really good album to sleep to.

Took me a while.

Ontopic: never heard of them. Are they hard metal? Cuz if they are, I won't listen.


you know what I loving hate?

people who refer to doom/death/black metal as screamo.

you know what I loving love?

Reel Big Fish.

You know what I loving hate?

doom/death/black metal and screamo.