Author Topic: My little brother is a brat  (Read 2862 times)

Did you at all tell him at least nicely to start closing down his stuff because you need to turn off your laptop and go to bed?

Speaking of which I'll go myself.

Good night, sleep tight.

Whether or not taking the laptop is 'mean' or not... parents shouldn't let their kids get addicted to games to the point that they cry.

I think five-year-olds cry, whether or not they're addicted.

My nephew doesn't cry, and he likes games.
It's because he isn't allowed to play them whenever he wants.
He needs permission, and only if he's good.
When it's time to stop playing, he's fine with it.

He also turned 5 recently.

I'm not having kids.

Hes kinda spoiled, in a way.
He played World of Warcraft, Left 4 dead(i think i wasnt home) castle crashers small arms and some other stuff.
He is going to be a horrible gamer in life.

I'm not having kids.
ahaha, Like you'd have the chance to have any.

ahaha, Like you'd have the chance to have any.

Oh, you have no clue.  Get out, if you may kind sir.

Oh, you have no clue.  Get out, if you may kind sir.
Orders do not go far if you've got no power.

You should have told him kindly. And if he bitched about it, take your laptop and ban him from using it.

You're calling your 5 year old brother a friend for crying because you took something away from him?

I think you're the friend, here.

You sound like a total starfish of a brother.

Yeah dude, don't be a richard.

Show some respect for him. I bet he were having fun and you simply could have asked nicely or told him to shut it down when hes done. If hes using it when you are not there then hes gonna use it the same way when you sleep.