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We're back, and we have a server. We're not recruiting right now, but we are willing to invite members that build well on our server. I'll add more to this post later, so for now you can get a general idea about us from our old thread (too old to bump):

Our current active members are:

  • Mocheeze - Club Chairman (Chairman Mo)
  • Barnabas - First Minister of Chicken Paprikash

Membership isn't required for you to build with us. Our servers will normally have space for everyone to build, though there areas for different levels of builders enforced for quality reasons. We want to encourage advanced building techniques, and as part of that we may clear old builds or builds that don't meet quality standards.

We're looking to once again being a positive force toward better builds in Blockland.
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Why can't you quote it?
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Quote from: Kalphiter
Why can't you quote it?

Because I'm not going with the same write-up this time. Need new rules and structures.

Barnabas, when you get a chance can you reload the latest save, if you got one in the last 12 hours or so. The server crashed while I was sleeping apparently.

All right, though it's a bit older than what you were looking for.


Nice to see a good server. I will probably stop by sometime.

Awesome, too bad I suck at building.

I already love this server, not to mention the clan itself.
Good luck, Mocheeze.

Yay it's back :3
Maybe I'll try joining.