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meh has 1 gb which is plenty but i might upgrade

Speak english talk good in RTB :/

I have 1GB which is plenty but i might upgrade
Sorry, had to do it :P

i use classic layout on my windows also. much nicer then that noob look xp had

*stares at the 40mb download*This should be done by the time I get home from shcool tommrow. Stupid Windows update.Diddnt catch my drivers.

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well don't waste your mem with pictures of boobs

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i need help with this , i have an Nvidia GeForce Go 6150 graphics card and could never find my update can i get some help with this?

 Having alot of troubles trying to find an ATI video driver, for an ati Radeon 9200 series, that can run on linux mint, but It's all so different now I don't know what to do. Hate linux, should of just did a linux server job x.x

Even keeping up to date drivers might not solve everything.  I found that although most sound worked, I couldn't hear music.  I figured this might have been caused by a Microsoft oversight where they provide incomplete installations of things like OpenGL and OpenAL.  Driver update installations will sometimes fix this, but not always.

Anyway, if you are haveing the same problem as me (no music), then try installing OpenAL.  I did a google search and the installer at the following link fixed the problem for me:

That link is from the OpenAL downloads page.

OpenAL site:

Yeah on the Nvidia site (link posted a few posts up) it has an automatic driver finding feature for those of you who are unsure of what card you own!

Or for those of you who cant be arsed looking through the options yourself when a clever piece of software can do the looking for you! - like myself :-D


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