What should my next map be?

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All in favor of land bridge?

Come to my dogfight sometime guys :D
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Uh, the save is screwed up, i got it all and half the bricks didnt work, its a huge mess, BTW the load takes long,

btw its White-Out, and Im sticking with the old build.... Sorry to say but the new one is Scheiss.

The new one is amazing, just you haven't enabled all of the requirements. That's why it's all screwed up. Come to my server some time to see what it looks like.

Also, people on my server said the load took seconds. They loved it.

First pictures of the beta land bridge:

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Now, I know your name. :D

Its on his map too lol
olol thought BL name :P

Hey, I'm notting getting your bridge till' i see a night version ;)

Hey, I'm notting getting your bridge till' i see a night version ;)

Lol but I don't want to make a skybox! D:

I could use the slate skybox but that's gay... and why night? Wouldn't night kind of ruin it? I think snow is a good idea but... night?

I like night because it makes my custom class a complete badass, and I got lighthouses, and bright shiny weapons,

go ahead, call me your favourite crazy guy :D

Ok lol :)

I may get around to it sometime...