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Forum Games / ForumRP//Prologue
« on: September 06, 2010, 01:16:43 AM »
Okay, so, I'm just gonna give this a go on these forums and see if anyone here is willing to try it. This is blatantly stolen from some forums I used to browse.

Basically, the point is this: You make up the story as you go, centralised on your own character. The story will start off with one character - my own, and will continue from there, with people joining in as it progresses.

The characters: Your character will have all their own information - Age, appearance, all the usual stuff. You'll have to state this when you begin. You can have a backstory, or you can add that in later if it becomes relevant or what have you. It's important to note that your character is allowed to be all-powerful. Being strong is fine as long as their is plenty of balanced weaknesses and your character only plays their part in the role, not some massive pivotal important role. You can be a good guy, you can be a bad guy, you can be a freelancer, it's all up to what your character is like.

The story progresses through the viewpoints of each different character, taking turns to tell parts. You can decide where the story goes based on your post. You could send the group in one direction or another. People build the story over what everyone else posts. There's no designated posting order, either. Anyone can chip in whenever they feel like - within reason. Definitely no double posting and leave plenty of time in between posts for other people to have a go at the story.

SO, some ground rules:
1. Your character is a character, not a god. Don't be handicapped or overpowered.
2. The story is built up over time, you can't just yell jenga it and send us off somewhere completely different or whatever.
3. Leave the major story telling up to me, as your host - changes in chapter, mainly. You can still change the story as it goes, obviously.
4. Don't make your character stuffty or make bad decisions/be a bad story teller/writer. I'm not looking for professional talent but if stuff sucks you can gtfo. You are allowed to draw inspiration from whatever video games/movies/shows/animes/researchos but don't be carbon copies.
5. dont type like a handicap its loving impossible to read
6. If this does become popular (I DOUBT IT) don't make billions of copies or I will shove a horses head up your arsehole.

I want at least a show of interest before we actually begin.

The setting will be something pretty simple to start us off: The distant future, a distant place. A barren, mostly unexplored and presumed empty planet, Torem. The go at the time for planet exploration is a type of mech-suit, only about 8-9 feet tall, cheap electronics for the most part. Your character will have one, cause they're cool and make writing easier generally.

The character sheet will be somewhat like this:
Appearance/Race: (Yes, you can be something other than human. As long as they're adequately explained and humanoid)
Suit Description:

Make it obvious what your character is like - strengths, weaknesses, stuff like that. You'll have to introduce your character at the point of the story it's at. Your character does not have to join the others - it's nice to have a solid group but there could even be two different groups going or one and some bad dudes separate. It depends on how good at RPing/writing everyone is, really.

Remember: When writing, write from your characters perspective (not necessarily I/We but from what happens to them). You are allowed to say what happens to other characters, as long as you aren't killing them off. If you are fighting with another player, give both players plenty of chances to write. Chances are, character deaths won't be happening often, and if you do want to kill your character off, warn me. Don't write for other people - don't make major decisions or anything. Small dialogue is fine.

I won't start it until I get some interest generated - criticism, "i want to play"s, etc. so don't start making characters yet. 2 or 3 other people should be fine to begin. Also, make sure we do have a 'main group' of people, not everyone can be separate. It makes it simpler with more people travelling together.

tl;dr read it, or forget off you aren't playing

show of hands?

Off Topic / Garryspin
« on: April 17, 2010, 07:07:36 AM »

Very reminiscent of a certain other site.

It's Garry Newman aka creator of Garry's mod, the clip is from the camera he has streaming to the net set up at the new Facepunch Studios.

Games / Sleep Is Death
« on: April 08, 2010, 05:13:58 AM »
It's an odd, 2-player only game made by Jason Rohrer, who is a fairly well renowned indie game maker, which puts one player in control of a person and plays like a point and click game, while the second player IS the point and click game - they create the scenes, and cause reactions to actions.
It's hard to explain in words but the site does a pretty good job with this:

You can pre-order now for US$9 and it comes out in about 18 hours, when it will become US$14.
Pre-ordering gives you two copies of the game, since it's a two player game although play will be over the internet with many different people (or so I've inferred from the way the custom content system works - you can create your own sprites and anyone who plays in a game you use them will have them to use as well)
Main website:
I just pre-ordered it after reading about it on Facepunch but I've already reserved my second copy.
although most of you will probably just go FEH at this game anyway, dont beg for a second copy

Games / New Dwarf Fortress Version Out
« on: April 01, 2010, 07:56:48 AM »
It's true, not an april fool's joke! all kinds of awesome features!
the bay12 website ( is so bogged down so here is a mirror 

The FP thread has info on the changes so check there.

Games / Another Steam Indie Game Pack
« on: March 04, 2010, 03:25:50 AM »
7 Indie games for sale - $2 each or all 7 for $10

The games are:
Altitude (very good, i already owned it though)
Gridrunner Evolution
Bob Came in Pieces (lol it said came)
Bullet Candy
Galcon Fusion
Space Giraffe
Super Laser Racer

I don't know anything about these games but I do know they're cheap and have a small filesize so I bought them.

Drama / Nakro555 trollface
« on: February 28, 2010, 04:00:56 AM »

Games / Mass Effect 2
« on: February 07, 2010, 03:39:06 AM »
why is there no topic for this

I bought it on steam yesterday,  etc. etc. it's very fun.
I dislike the fact that you use ammo now but it works good enough.
I bought the digital deluxe edition but I can't figure out where to tell ea/the game that I have to unlock my extras.

So it really continues just on from ME1, I don't want to say anything to spoil it

Games / I just want to buy a game, frig
« on: February 05, 2010, 06:57:42 AM »

Thanks steam, that's just lovely

no seriously let me just preorder metro 2033 now

no - forget

forget you steam

forget YOU STEAM

Games / NO, forget, I FORGOT TO SAVE
« on: December 31, 2009, 11:26:06 PM »
I hate doing this!

Now I have to redo the last level of the spirit tower, fight with byrne and the sand temple ALL OVER AGAIN because I forgot to save and quit on Spirit Tracks.

That's like 2 hours of work gone.

anyone else ever completely forgeted themselves over because of this too?

Off Topic / Why do all my headsets break?
« on: December 22, 2009, 12:19:35 AM »
So about a month or so ago I bought a cheap headset. Brought it home, used it for a while then all of a sudden the sound in the left ear stopped working. I still used them occasionally for the microphone but used speakers for sound instead.

Juts last week, I bought a new headset. It was fairly expensive, but they were half price so I picked them up. Just today, they also stopped working - this time the left side. I tested both of the headsets in my GBA (Only thing I had with a correctly sized headphones plug) and the problem isn't the computer - they also don't work right in the GBA. Not to mention while trying to fix the problem the mic on the expensive set has stopped working as well.

I dunno if I'm cursed or something because this is bullstuff.

e: The microphone seems to be working now.

Games / General Game Screenshots
« on: December 05, 2009, 03:40:31 AM »
Yeah basically just screenshots from whatever game that don't deserve a new thread just for your pretty picture. Take your gmod stuff to the gmod thread in the creativity section.

DiRT2 Demo is veery shiny.

The Hammerfight Glory/Money screen becomes a bit meaningless in later arena matches though.

ohgodohgodohgod, me in an RC heli comin g up against an actual heli. I killed it, but my RC heli died at the same time. - Frontlines: Fuel of War

Drama / inb4ban
« on: November 26, 2009, 08:42:21 AM »
What? Someone said something that if you take out of context constitutes something that is probably not but may ever so slightly be bannable? I HAVE TO WARN EVERYONE!

Lol, inb4ban?
He's said things about not caring at least twice in this topic, inb4ban.


It's not just an 'inb4ban' either, it's all the backseat moderation you stuffheads constantly forget all over about.

"You should lock this topic"
"You're gonna get banned"
"Badspot will lock this topic"
(Badspot is not your bitch okay?)

Somebody said the word care?

forget me dead.

Games / Frontline: Fuel of War 75% off until Monday!
« on: November 19, 2009, 11:57:40 PM »
You can get it on Steam for US$3.74. It looks pretty cool, a team based strategy fps with awesome vehicles and stuff. I plan on buying it  later this afternoon.
This trailer and a multiplayer one are also on steam. (In better quality, too)
Reminds me a bit of Empires/Enemy Territory, but that's just me.

Games / Serious Sam HD
« on: November 07, 2009, 09:33:37 PM »
That's right folks, Serious Sam is coming back bigger and better than ever with fancy graphics and MORE POLYGONS.
You can pre-order it on steam for about US$18, or buy it on XBLA when it comes out. On the PC it has up to 16 player co-op.
It looks awesome, I'm gonna pre-order it later hopefully.

Games / Hammerfight
« on: November 02, 2009, 05:54:17 AM »

Recently went retail on steam for $10
Some people might remember playing Hammerfall - this is that game but slightly renamed.
You play as a 'flying machine' in a world of three houses, you help wage war, hunt beasts and compete in gladiatorial combat. The game has a quirky art style and a good storyline etcetera
Your entire ship is controlled by the mouse - your weapon is attached by an axis to the middle, as you move it swings around. You generally use it to bash/cut opponents are send them flying into walls or saw blades and stuff.
It can be frustrating at times, especially before you unlock the hall and are stuck using the horrid mace or some of the challenges were you're stuck with a set weapon and a weird objective, but most of the battles are fun. You can also get stuff like guns and armour, and theres more features since Hammerfall, like being able to hotkey stuff. The game is originally russian but it has a very middle-eastern theme to it.

this is an image

thats just how i roll

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