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Off Topic / Re: blf might outlast kiwi farms lmao
« on: September 10, 2022, 07:08:46 PM »
guys listen keffals is allowed to be a cunt it's a transmission it's been BULLIED

Off Topic / Re: blf might outlast kiwi farms lmao
« on: September 06, 2022, 06:03:55 AM »
People have literally livestreamed Flash Mobs on facebook and it's still up

Totally defending the government not giving us money back after stealing it

handicapo brain prevented you from making a proper point, u just had to try to go for the throat and make urself look dumb, a real shame

forgive student debt without plugging the hole and ending student loan programs is a great idea bc then you can buy another few million votes in a few years when the situation occurs again, print more money and cause inflation, taxing the very people who need it by devaluing the currency they own

but whoop whoop no debt teehee

handicapped but that's abt what I expect from this admin

who the forget is reading all of that

Raid Annoying Orange with a broad warrant, doesn't seize his passports

Lmao they're either not going to press charges or they'll press some hail mary charges that wont stick so they can say they tried but it wont matter bc most of you will halfway up the chair by then

I feel like I've said this before, but I hope they do have something on Annoying Orange, because I think you guys are one bad headline away from permanently losing your stuff, if you haven't already lmao if they raid his house and he isn't in jail come this time next year I dont know what you handicaps are going to do with yourselves

You guys want to argue with some furcigarette cumguzzler who's going to be one of the first to be lined up against the wall during the conclusion of his handicapped line of politics about wishing death upon people? He's arguing to get his own brains blown out on a daily basis idk why anyone would bother

We all knew this already

Only reason Tiktok is a national security threat is bc the roosters in its holes are yellow and not red white and blue

you are confusing me for someone else, I wasn't arguing against your interpretation, I was arguing your leap in logic where you went "if one amendment is dumb by modern standards we should repeal everything"

Yeah I said royal you to denote Im not talking about you specifically

do you understand the concept of "some things can be good and others can be bad based on moral choices" or are you the kind of person that think we should repeal the entire constitution if we dont like 1 amendment that the constitution allows us to amend

I think arguing semantics like handicaps makes (royal) you unqualified to speak on constitutional rights
2A is pretty direct, arguing nonsense about what a "well regulated militia" is makes you look handicapped

Yes, we should listen to a vague statement in a document made almost 250 years ago when most firearms could only fire one ball with an excruciatingly long reload.

With this logic we should ignore the first amendment and the thirteenth since their views are clearly outdated, and modern handicaps like yourself know better

i'm sorry but you HAVE to acknowledge that a gun can easily kill more people than going on a stabbing spree, it's not even hypocritical to admit this even if you do like guns

do you really think the vegas shooter could've stabbed 400 people that quickly?

Yeah but that's just life what're you gonna do, ban all guns? Plus once the guns are banned, then knife attacks become the norm and when you hear 10+ people get knifed is it gonna be "we need common sense knife control" or do you just go well forget me

The point is, x is the most efficient Flash Mob tool, so x is used. x is banned, y becomes the most efficient Flash Mob tool, then z, then so on until the government tries to regulate forks to have quarter inch pikes so you cant stab someone w/ them idk

The problem with the logic of people not having guns is there's nothing stopping someone from going on a stabbing spree or something anyway
There will always be tools for violence guns are just the simplest and most easily accessible in America specifically

Also if the people don't have guns then yes the government will freely abuse you, inevitably, and it won't even be on purpose, there'll just be no recourse for government mandated violence on a mass scale and idk why anyone would want to open the floodgates knowing what kind of weirdo stuff the government gets up to WITH an armed populace

Stack up or forget off

My MDR is not on that list. I have an idea though. Wanna confiscate guns? Do it from the people that shouldn't have them first, as a test run

What is the FBI for, if not funding domestic terrorists? You want to delegitimize the entire concept of an alphabet soup agency by doing their job?

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