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Ok this is for those new to AoT who decided not to use the search button at the top of the page.  This is a chest, and it drops alot of gold like 500-600 I guess.

Ok I found a chest and you didn't I just posted it here to brag.

It speaks for itself.

Red Fields? Blue Hills? Tunnels Beneith The Woods? WHERE DO THEY SPAWN?!

Ya, they spawn all over map. And range is more like 400ish to 800, just under 800 was the most I've ever gotten.

There was one in Port, too.

Omg ^^ NotInsaneChef?  I'm so sure with that name.

After map resets there appear to be few in port town or close to port town.

It was really near to Blacksmith, Chabo found it (I think) but he didn't have a sword, so I destroyed it for him. Not sure if there was a recent map reset, then. *shrug*

Chabo? How long ago was that?

I just recently got one on the port side of the cave hill...