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OMG! It's just like the Torque mapping program (Seams like it is.). I wish I knew that sooner. I've made tons of maps with torque.

How do I scale the holes/hills so that I can JUST fit a baseplate on it, there is no "buried" or overlapping?
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I right clicked the Blockland shortcut and then went into properties and i copied the exact thing you told my to put in it without brackets but i tried to open Blockland and it said "Failed to open "main.cs"" and then i clicked ok and it said "Failed to initialize game, shutting down." Wait nvm figured it out myself
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how do you save it on your desktop? im talking about the pic at the end.

You will disappear and you need to restart

Or just change maps. :cookieMonster:

when i change the Target to "C:\ProgramFiles\Blockland\Blockland.exe" it says:
The name "C:\ProgramFiles\Blockland\Blockland.exe" specified in the Target box is not valid. Make sure the path and file name are correct.

can someone PLZ help me on that.  :panda:
Me to. :(

How do I change the sun to a light orange color

How do i get the spawn points from the map making mod

thanks much it really helped :cookieMonster:

i cant save to deskop =( :panda:

I can't access mission editor.  The volume "mute" Button is covering it up,
so mission editor doesn't respond to me pressing "F11"

Any way I could fix this?

When I presing F11, nothing happened.  :panda: Whats wrong?