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I don't think the banks here in Sweden have those kind of cards. I can't fint anything abut gift cards on thier sites.

There's that, snoop around their  site, see if there's any swedish version.

Thanks, but it seems like I was right about it.

I just wanna say, watch out for a person named shadow arrow, he saves builds and claims them as his own, he said bones titanic was his (obosovally its not) but he stole my DM arena and claming its his...just watch out
ya jirue said he took yours today

Happy 204,689,284,835th birthday, a free retail game is your present!
can i have it now

Badspot, through I series of technical errors, I can't use Paypal. :( Is there some other way I can purchase a key to the full version with my credit card?


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Yes.  See other post.

I'm locking this thread now because its too hard for me to keep up with the different pages.
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