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His ID:19043

He Killed Team Mates Like Ape Crap Just For Wepons That Would Respawn In The Base...

His Past:

Totally Drama Worthy

Also Talking Like This Makes Me Cool.

I'm sure you were fully capable of fighting back, avoiding him, or even leaving the server.


Is it really possible necessary to make a topic about a teamkiller?

stuplid man     Tue Apr 20, 2010 8:44 am  :cookieMonster:

We should call Abraham Van Helsing to slay ban him.

Wasn't that server closed down? About a couple of months ago?

Hmm I wejt to a stuffty server with a newbie that thought it was a DM, Ill just vent my frustration in drama followed by feirce masterbation.

Oh God, weapons take for-forgetin'-ever to respawn in that server.

A picture of some blockhead at a TDM and saying he teamkilled makes me so cool.