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I was wondering if someone could try making a macro gui, where we could save multiple macros....T'would be much appreciated!

I probably COULD make one. But right now I'll let trader do it.


Well SOMEONE needs to do it. :D

why do you neeed a gui for marco?


So I can save multiple ones, and then pick which one I want instead of having to do a whole pattern over again.

Isn't there already a multiple-macro script? Someone just needs to rig it to a GUI.

Badspot is working on one.


You'll have to edit it so that it says "$BuildMacroSO = New ScriptObject {" then just delete your current macro ($BuildMacroSO.delete();) and exec it.

Do you guys know how many events there can be in a macro?

Also, the script is filled with things like these: "Server\tplantBrick\t\t\t\t\t\t";

Is there a function I could pass these strings to that'll execute the command?