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Here's a fun idea. Post your bookmarks bar from your current web browser. You can also post your other bookmarks, if that floats your boat.
Here's mine:

Daily visitation pages contains the random group of websites I visit daily, OMG Facts, Graphjam, etc.

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Transparent period much, Night fox?

Transparent period much, Night fox?
it was the closest to nothing I could get

it would be funny if I saw the MSG logo there

Funnyjunk, Blockland, Aether Minecraft Thread, Plazma Burst, and Twokinds.

Shows how often I use bookmarks.

@haggado: Why'd you cross out the bookmark that goes to Chihiro subs?
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Facebook, Youtube, Blockland, SS13 Forums, Haven & Hearth, Haven & Heath Wiki, Wikistation 13, Minecraft Wiki, Team Fortress Wiki, Imageshack,, Goonstation IRC.

Info: Speed dial is my version of bookmarks on Opera.

Click for a larger version which you can actually see.  And unlike some of you I have no naughty things book marked.

Wow, clicking it sure makes it more legible.