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Once again, I've made a Cathedral. I started on this the day I got retail.( Thanks again Unknown :D) Most of it was made completely from imagination; the sides are referenced; Everything else was from me. I hope you guys'll accept me back in. I don't think the images do justice for the build, so I included a video; The video is stuffy quality, I know, but Atleast you HAVE a video to look at.

The total brick count was 15,092 in the end.
If I can get a nice enough hoster, I'll show you guys ingame.

WOW. I am thoroughly impressed. All i can say is "you're in"!

Welcome, comrade.

All i have to say is, damn!
10/10 definatly

Nate, you're my hero. Welcome to the USSR.

Greetings comrade. Awesome build! Took ya long enough! :P Haha.

Nate never got in USSR? Eh, well, nice job Nate, i give this build a 5 out of 5!

Wow. I wish I was such a good builder as Nate.

How come everybody is way more creative than me...



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If I can get a nice enough hoster, I'll show you guys ingame.

Send me the save file and I'll load it on my server. 

this is the second 10/10 i have given sence revising my grading standards

OMFG. 10/10 isn't good enough for this.

Dude, you are inspirationally inspired. Even with the limitations in retail (Compared to RTB) you still manage to defeat words. Very nice.


But dosen't it seem making a church for a USSR app is kind of ironic?