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now for something... a little harder.. my next build will not be simple, and will not be easy...Hill top fort. Located in a river.

Just kidding  :cookieMonster:

Heres a pic of what ive done so far.

The hill will be the first step, after that ill start the outter wall, then the inner wall, both wrapping around the hill. After that I will do the inside fort and then some minor details.

holy crap..
Is that 192 x 192? :O

its about 3x 4 of the biggest base plates available.

so 192 x 256
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Up Date:
I have divided each layer of hill into levels. heres what it looks like after level 9 was compleated.

Holy flibberty gibbers. Nice job.

Horrible pic quality, never again pls =/

I pressed Shift P instead of Ctrl P, sorry.

i have seen WAY bigger builds with WAY more bricks

umm ahem brick number doesnt matter