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I was curious to know if it's possible to have water at different levels of terrain. For a map I'm making just now I was hoping to have lakes in mountains and much lower down in the map to have a river. I think my topic title is a little misleading as I know you can have more than one water object, However The water seems to go on forever. When I set the scale of the water this just appears to change the scale of the texture but not the actual physical water itself. Is it possible to stop where water goes and confine it to a square?

definitely possible.
just use more than 1 waterblock when you make your map.  Then scale each waterblock so its only as big as you need.  Square for lakes, long and skinny for rivers.

The thing is I've tried that and sure enough the water does appear to be in the lake, yet the water appears to be omnipotently invisible everywhere else.

It is impossible with Mission Editor. I believe this used to be possible before when Mission Editor came with Blockland, but it seems that ever since Space Guy's add-on has been required, the ability has been removed.

This is one of the biggest dilemmas I have found in map making, because it seriously restricts the amount of things you can do with water. Water must always be at the lowest point of your map.

Me and Boom were looking at the problem a few months ago, trying to find a loophole. However, he couldn't think of one that would be successful without having to go through a lot of extra trouble. The only legit possibility is just making the water from water bricks - although this is difficult because the water bricks cannot go underground or through interiors, and you must therefore align the map completely to the water. Then have the save file of the water bricks load on host spawn.

That's what I was thinking just using bricks, it's not a huge problem in my map I was just hoping to confirm what I already thought. Thanks for getting back and also thanks for your tutorial, it's been a great help.

you should be able to change the scale of the waterblock after you place it.

I believe the default scale is 1024x1024, which will cover the whole map.  if you need a small lake, try changing it to 16x16 or such.

The default scale is about 1/16 of the map upon placement... but the thing is that no matter what, the water covers the whole map - even after the size bounds. Outside of the water's area you can float as if there were water, without seeing the water texture. Therefore it is impossible to have more than one water block unless you are okay with invisible water floating around.

copy the tutorial map's waterblock. wedge mentioned it has to do with the order of the values and the tutorial map does it right.

Thanks Heed, I'll give that a look in future and I'll see if I can understand it. Barnabas was telling me about an old map 'Blocktopia' I think it was and this had water on different levels.

copy the tutorial map's waterblock. wedge mentioned it has to do with the order of the values and the tutorial map does it right.

Oh sweet I forgot about that. That should bypass the glitch :D