Author Topic: How much is the stud texture scaled down?  (Read 1320 times)

Title says all. How much is it scaled down?

A brick stud texture? What exactly do you mean "scaled down"?

The texture used on the bricks in alot larger than it appears in-game, I am pretty sure. I need to know how much it
is scaled down so I can make an interior in the same fashion as [gsf]Ghost.

Actually, [GSF] Ghost used the standard 256x256 size texture, and then just made the interior larger to fit the scale. Anyways, remind me to add this to my tutorial later.

A 1x1x1 brick in Blockland is the same a a 0.5x0.5x0.6 cube in Torque Constructor. To make the 1x1  brick stud texture fit to that scale, it must be a 16x16 pixel image. Note: If you're using a texture with 4 bricks, the size would then be 32x32 pixels.

Sorry about the noobish explanation, I was writing it for the tutorial ;)