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Ministry had a little hissy fit and perma banned me from the RPG mod server, can one of you remove his admin powers and unban me?

Oh and for anyone else, please dont flame me for not PMing them, BECAUSE I CANT PM THEM! And I dont have them on a messenger or their emails.

I joined Grim's server and Jookia goes:
Jookia: Johnson
Jookia: Get the hell out before I ban you
I ask why and he says because I "lied" about my teaching him how to script. I even tell how it came to me teaching him, but he perma bans me from the server anyway. Also, the loading finished and every time it did, I got this error:

(Invalid Packet.(ghost objects loading))

Made me have to keep leaving before it finished, my point is I want to be unbanned as well, then have the error explained.

Jookia is one of those handicap Banners, Quote "I'm Admin on heaps of server and I'm going to Ban you on all of them". If an admin on my server Bans some one on my server they are going to get there ass kicked by me.

I would suggest that Jookia's admin powers were removed, as he seems to be cheating a lot in the RPG by setting high bounties on himself and others, cloaking, teleporting and releasing himself from jail after three seconds.

He became a jerk shortly after Retail was released :/ can't exactly remember when, but I'm sure he was better before Retail :( I was his friend back then, helping him with scripts when he needed it, etc.

He used to be better, but now he just says things like 'Just give up on scripting', 'I would stick to building if i was you'. Whenever i'm testing soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning on my server.

yeah he really should have the admin powers removed he kicked me 1 time and perm banned 2 other for killing him /: and realsed himself from jail

I would suggest that Jookia's admin powers were removed


Unbanned about half the people probably. I don't know your ingame :D

Yeah, Jookias not very nice he told me i failed at scripting because i was playing with the zombie mod Randy had made and it included everyone not just people in the minigame.

Unbanned about half the people probably. I don't know your ingame :D
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