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(SOOOO. i got permission from Shinji to redo this entire thing, starting from here. i know a lot of you enjoyed the original. he taught me pretty much everything about it. anyways, here we go.)

Year/Month: June 2050.

Timescale: Half a year every page.

In 2020, NASA has discovered that Gliese 581c was, in fact, not suitable for human life. But, just one solar system away, another planet was found. Gliese 582a, or "Hera". The next space race began. America struggled to keep up with Russia, but in the end, Russia won. They were the first to create a ship that could travel at light speed. America joined them on the journey to the new land. When they landed, they found a perfect world. Mild deserts, dense forests and grasslands, and two polar ice caps. Now, it was up to Russia and the US to create colonies/countries on this new planet.

Here's a size comparson of Hera and Earth


Keep the RP realistic, I don't want everyone saying "lol I have nukes now". No, bullstuff.

If you're going to start a war, you must check with me first.

Try not to name too many countries "New (insert real countries name here)", we already have 3.

Your military must be around 1/12 of your population. 1/10 if you are a superpower.

Don't suddenly start off with 3,000,000 people in your country. The population has to steadily grow every year.


Country name:

Flag(Make it with Paint.NET or a flag creating program):

Government type:


Root Country:

Population(Max is 100,000,000 for now):


National Anthem**:



DEFCON Alert posture***:

REDCON Alert posture***:

*Alliances can't be formed until your population is atleast 2,000,000, then ask a country if it wants to form an alliance.

**Not a necessity. Oh and you can either do this, or a military section under your post like I did.

*** If you don't know what DEFCON is, or the DEFCON levels, here's a link: Same for REDCON:

Things you may do:

Start a war, if you really need to. Contact me before you do.

Form alliances. Contact the person you'd like to form an alliance with before you do so.

Establish trade routes. See above.

Terrorist attacks, covert operations. You don't need permission for these.

Whatever you can think of that's not below

Things you may NOT do:

Suddenly claim you have 39492 nukes.

Nuke anything (Yet)

Nuke (Yet)

Have super weapons. (Yet)

Start a nuclear war once ICBMs are enabled.

Base your country off of a game.

Have any super laser weaponry stuff we're not THAT far into the future.

Use real world leaders to represent your country IE: Riddler, Stalin, Bush, etc.

Have really stupid and handicapped named like "SUPERGUNNATION" or "MINECRAFTLAND". Be creative.

Anything you could think of that's completely stupid and unrealistic, use common sense.

And here's the map, let me know where you'd like your country.

*= Countries territory. Can be named if you want, such as Athens. If it's named it does not need a star next to it.

Quote from: Roknrollwill on May 09, 2011, 12:50:30 AM
entrepreneur  My Gun could be used as a weapon-maker for your country

Only if you want to make primary/secondary arms.

Country info:

Teraynia-Flouryi Federation (T.F.F)
The New Peoples Republic (N.P.R)
The Congregate
Republic of Irajinia*
New Scandinavia
United Peoples of Alyeska
New Australia (N.A)*
Republic of Nervaztski

* = Superpower

Current Unions:


Current Conflicts:

New Scandanavia vs. Irajinia

H.U.C vs Aleyska

Satellite photo of Hera for those interested:

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That's a huge planet.  How do we even support our own weight.

ONTOPIC: I'm involved in Earth 7.0 at this point, I don't think I could handle two. but if Seven dies I'll join this one.

EDIT: 7.0 is beginning to show signs of dead-ness already.
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Country name: Nirvozk


Government type: Democratic Republic

Allys*: Teraynia-Flouryi Federation, Chardaia, Republic of Irajinia*

Root Country: Russia

Population: 94,326,156

Capital: Sevlem

National Anthem**:

Languages: Russian, English

DEFCON Alert posture***: 3

REDCON Alert posture***: 2



Light Attack/Recon: AS-TBR

Fighter/Interceptor: SU-61

Interceptor/Recon/Night Ops: SU-63


Infantry weapons:

Assault rifle: AK-36

Sniper rifle: SVD-35

Land Vehicles:

Main Battle Tank: T-95

Light Transport: Tiger Jeep

Currently enlisted in the Nirvozk armed forces: 17,277,294

Nirvozki Airforce

3,532,563 enlisted airmen

Nirvozki Army

7,095,302 enlisted soldiers

Nirvozki Marine Corps

1,300,420 enlisted soldiers

Nirvozki Navy

5,349,009 enlisted sailors
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Country name: Teraynia-Flouryi Federation


Government type: Libertarian Oligarchy

Ally(s)*: New Russia

Root Country(Russia or US): Russia

Population(Max is 5,000,000 for now): 5,378,472

Capital: Solyuv

Languages: Russian, Bulgarian, German, Romansh

Weaponry**: Reconnaissance Aircraft: SU-24MR, Multi-role Attack: SU-34, Assault Rifle: AUG-54

DEFCON Alert posture***: 5

REDCON Alert posture***: 4
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Where do you want me to put it?

Where do you want me to put it?

Put it on the island off the coast of New Russia.

the New Peoples Republic

Government type: MarxistLeninist single-party state
Economic type: Communism with a mix of Free Enterprise. (Just like China)


Population: 50,543,094

Capital: New Beijing

National Anthem: March of the Volunteers

Languages: Simplified Chinese (98%) Korean (2%)

X-37 Space Plane Done

Backstory: The first Chinese presence on Hera was old Chinese leaders. With the belief in a non-socialist china. But, soon after a long rebellion occurred. But now, the people have seized Beijing! Long live the People's Republic!


The People's Libeeration Army consists of 3 branches:
3,000,000 fit for service

Ground Forces.


Air Forces.

Ground forces

Main Assault Rifle: QBZ-95
Main Sidearm: QSZ-92
Main Machine gun: QBB-95

Main Battle Tank: Type 99

Main IFV: ZBD-97
Main LMV: Iveco LMV

The Navy, right now, is very small compared to the rest of the Military

Air Forces
Main Fighter Aircraft: J-10
Main Light Attack aircraft: JH-7
Main Strategic Bomber: H-6
Main Transport Aircraft: IL-76

Main Transport Helicopter: AS-532

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I'd like the Island cluster above the Nervian Ocean.

The Congregate

Government type: Democratic

Ally(s)*: none as of yet

Root Country(Russia or US): US

Population(Max is 5,000,000 for now): 1,230,000~

Capital: New Glory

Languages: English

The Congregate is a large country mostly bent on science and research, with minimal military and a heavy police force to keep down crime. Most of the information about The Congregate is held within city limits, so nobody really knows a lot about it.

 can i have half the island on top of the athien sea while i type up my junk?
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Yup, and i'm at school now so I can't edit the maps but as soon as I get home i'll work on it.

Country name: Republic of Irajinia


Root Country: Russia


Government type: Stratocracy

Population: 27,637,573

Capital: Silisko

National Anthem**: Imperial March

Languages: Russian, English


Ally(s)*: New Russia, Republic of Nervaztski, New Scandinavia


DEFCON Alert posture***: 2

REDCON Alert posture***: Maximum readiness

8,000,000 servicemen in the:
> Air Force - 2,800,000
> Army - 3,200,000
> Marine Corps - 750,000
> Aeronautics and Space Corps: 1,250,000

1,400,000 - Air Force
2,400,000 - Army
350,000 - Marine Corps
0 - IASC

553,725 - Air Force
1,237,153- Army
162,624 - Marine Corps
0 - IASC
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No nuclear war at the end this time please.
Lol he told me specifically not to end it like that.