Author Topic: Dice 6 - Extremely simple projectile based dice rolling machine.  (Read 1427 times)

Dice 6 is exactly as the titled describes, a dice rolling machine that uses projectiles. It's made of 54 bricks entirely, and uses the pinball projectile to trigger a number. It uses default-only bricks, events and projectiles.

You can close the shades with the black button, fire one projectile with the dark red button, and start a relay with the light red button.

It sometimes takes a bit for a projectile to register, but it's as simplified as possible.

I've also attached the save file for you to use. Good luck messing around with it!
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Also I made a more compact version for those who want to use the least amount of bricks possible. It uses 16 bricks instead of 54.

Bumping this cause it died too fast :c

This could be done with as little as 7 bricks, but good job. :)