Author Topic: Skateaton: The 4chan-loving overweight twelve year old with a skateboard.  (Read 9235 times)

For easy reading, I will separate a few of the reasons why I consider Skateaton a wannabe-hypebeast with trisomy 21.

a.) 4chan fanboyism, namely repetitive mentioning of /v/, spamming green text, overuse of the words, "summercigarette" and, "newcigarette", copying mannerisms of /b/ users, etc.

>implying i want that HOOTY TOOTY POINT AND SHOOTY bullstuff
>implying if i did, it wont be stuff.

>implying that battlefield 4 and MoH: WF wont be rushed to make it stuffty
>ArmA 2 finally done
>installed DayZ
>Ready to go, hit launch
>Invalid serial code given during setup.
>steam copy

>dad is leaving for work.
>confront him about steam sales and his credit card
>say i'll pay back in cash
>i say "dad, theres a HUGE sale today for game-"
>"Oh that 60 dollar game is now 50? How wonderful! No."
>"but dad usually on this sale things are 75 or 50 percent of-"
>Yeah bullstuff, they only say that to get you hooked but then only 2 things are 75% off and the rest 10%, 20%

>that feel when I dont have a credit card and need to use my parents
>that feel when i say "Whatever i add to my account i'll pay you back in cash" doesn't work on my parents
>that feel when sale is today and I cant buy stuff
>that feel.
>that. loving. feel.

>MFW anime threads on /v/ and not /a/
Change title to "Version summercigarette/newcigarette"

>MFW newcigarettes


from /v/ with love
sauce OP?
god damn i wish i could sage on here.

Plenty other examples of this. Three seconds into looking at his post history and you'll know it's impossible to contest.

b.) Blatant hypocrisy.

Example 1: He condemns posting threads about asking what to do with small amounts of money not very long after asking for advice on what to spend ten dollars on.

Example 2: As the OP of the DayZ megathread, you'd assume he wouldn't buy the game four months later and complain about the "retarded" controls.

c.) Constant flaming, especially of people who aren't big league skaters like he is.

again, we dont give a stuff.
we dont give two stuffs. why the forget would we care about your opinion?

d.) Simple, unadulterated retardation.

all tumors are cancer.

cancer = tumors as far as I know
how hard am i going to have to punch you for not having bassnectar in the op?

Saying swag ironically hasn't been funny for at least two years, but that doesn't mean stuff to Skateaton

yeah buddy gettin dat #swag

With two accounts boasting over ten thousand posts in the two years he's been active, you can bet there are many, many other examples of his spine-shattering stupidity. Feel free to add personalized Skateaton-directed insults in the form of a comment.

Whenever he makes threads, he almost always puts the titles in caps.

I really dislike him, he is extremely loving annoying, and I agree with basically everything in the OP.

Wow now that I read this thread, I realize he is a cigarette.

I'm also getting sick of his /v/ pride, the people who post on /v/ are loving morons.

His name is John and he hates every single one of you.

200% agree with OP and all his points as well as Niven's.

Skate you should really consider taking a break from 4chan and the forums.

why did this make me laugh
Because this is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill, fifteen percent concentrated power of will, five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain and a hundred percent reason to remember the name.

Some you might not want to hear it but this guy's got style ^

he needs to chill and stop trying to fit in or what-ever he's trying to do

really, he seems to be going through a phase

Almost everyone here is guilty because they use memes from 4chan all the time.

it's one thing to do >this
it's another to actually take the time to make it green
that pisses me off more than it probably should but god damn