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These are Space skyboxes that implement my new Server_MapProperties add-on that lets you load things like physical zones in your maps.

The skyboxes will still function without Server_MapProperties, but you will not get low gravity awesomeness.
These Skyboxes feature a seamless and beautifully rendered space environments with very low gravity.
It is reccommended that you download both the Map Properties Loader and the Space Pack if you want all the content without dealing with many separate files.

Skyboxes created by Nexus and TheRealZephyr








Download all environments as one SpacePack
(This includes the CrouchDrop mod as well)

All maps include the ability to change the gravity setting for that map in game.
Simply type /setgravity ## to change the map gravity.
This will only work if you also download Server_MapProperties

The Skybox pack also includes a /toggleGround command that (you guessed it) allows the ground to be enabled and disabled

Here is another tidbit that you guys might find useful:

On low gravity maps, it may be fun to go up, but it is more difficult to get back down.
This server mod lets users hold down the crouch key to accelerate downward much faster, which is especially useful in low gravity environments like this one.
Admins can toggle this by typing /togglecrouchdrop

Download Server_CrouchDrop

Other Stuff

I ported a bunch of old space maps because I am a nice person on alternating Wednesdays and Sundays with an occasional Tuesday mixup in there.


Maps ported from Ace

Here is a pack of planet "sunflares" for all your planetary background needs.

Each is high res, so you can blow each planet up as big as you need.
Unfortunately, you will need to put the sun elevation to zero because otherwise you get all the weird flare effects that result from being a sunflare.
Also make sure your sunflare color isn't set to 0 0 0 because that will make these planets not show up.


Credit to TheRealZephyr for the images

A Preview of a couple:
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Oh yeah, I should have mentioned that you can make the ground transparent in the environment settings under advanced>ground color>alpha (setting it to 0).

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