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Author Topic: Team Fortress 2 Megatopic + Trade: SCREAM FORTRESS? MORE LIKE JUNGLE INFERNO!  (Read 1558307 times)

i know this has been around forever, but it really bothers me that you can't choose which spawn location to respawn in. Like say in 2fort a scout takes the intel when you're dead, and the only way to intercept him in time is to respawn in the main spawn; but then the game decides to put you in the secondary spawn room then you get no chance to stop him.

if they put in a way where you can choose which room to spawn in i think that'd be pretty neat.

would that also mean people could finally spawn in the third spawn room?

would that also mean people could finally spawn in the third spawn room?
oh u mean the resupply in the intel basement? sure why not lol. that might help if the enemy team is spawncamping

shouldn't the op have a picture of the blue moon update now?

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He kind of looks like Stan Lee, actually

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ubersaw is evil
maybe im just unlucky but i feel like that crits far less than people say it does. so often i get a hit or two on an aggressive enemy and they kill me because the non-crit couldnt save me  :panda:

pardon my anger, but:

Yeah, I know the whole "oh dude it's an easy fix just record a demo and type stoprecord in console" here's the problem I DON'T WANT TO HAVE TO START RECORDING A DEMO AND STOP TO FIX THE GAME THE GAME SHOULD COME FIXED.

And every time I want Random stuffs removed from the video game i'm a "dirty Uncle Dane Apologist" or a "competetive forget" I loving HATE COMPETETIVE MODE. I JUST LIKE HAVING FUN. HOW COME ME BEATING A PERSON TO NEAR DEATH ONLY FOR THEM TO GET A LUCKY CRIT AND ONE SHOT ME BE FAIR


Aren't there no random crits servers you can find using the server browser?

Also, if you experience a bug, i think there's a bug report feature you can use on the main/pause menu, not saying it's guaranteed to work, but it's better than not doing anything about it at all