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Author Topic: Team Fortress 2 Megatopic + Trade: SCREAM FORTRESS? MORE LIKE JUNGLE INFERNO!  (Read 1665723 times)

man how do people even play spy
here's a tip: remember, you aren't fighting against npcs. they have brains, and they have ears; you cant just decloak behind a fence and wonder why everybody saw you
also stay cloaked as much as possible, nobody falls for disguises anymore; you should only be uncloaked when trying to attack somebody.

yep i definitely get that, but i could just be not applying it enough

well you gotta remember that not only are they human, they have human brains lol
you can't fool a machine, if it sees you it's gonna aim at you wherever you are, but you can totally trick a real person.

My favorite appliance of a disguise was when my friend played as a GRU-Chocolate exploit heavy. I disguised as a friendly heavy and stopped the intel from running away because he thought I was also a 20k health heavy.

forget this game and forget you if you play it

dood you seriously dropin the f bomb on me now? mad disrespect smh

forget this game and forget you if you play it
haha sory I had a bit of an angy moment :)

Revolver Ocelot

man how do people even play spy
i rly like spy but i just can't seem to do much right usually and even when i know exactly what to do, i get incredibly unlucky and can't do it. i can sometimes sap a nest and shoot the engie or get like a single backstab before immediately dying but that's about all i can seem to do, but most of the time i can't even do either of them :( i try looking for opportunities but it just feels like they suddenly become omniscient right before i strike lol
i have mad respect for people who can do spy well cus i just suck with himlmao
A big part of spy in my eyes is exploiting the weird hitbox for backstabs, and stairs. If people chase you down a play you can do is run up a stair case and jump behind them and back stab, or do a sort of juke in close quarters until you are able to backstab them except in the face or in the side. It's kindof funny

forget this game and forget you if you play it
haha sory I had a bit of an angy moment :)
when u get killed by a pyro and he says fiddle dee dee in chat and u go ape