Author Topic: A great torque functions guide!  (Read 43041 times)

This guide has most of torques functions and how to use them. Have fun!
(I did not make website, and 56k warning because it is over 300 pages.)
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Don't work for me.  Stops loading.

Download from link then.
It works fine for me when i just click the link though.
the file is 1.3 mb

This is:
PURE 100% WIN.
(For coders like me :D )

I've been looking for something like this for a long while, not for myself but for my bro (who can actually code)

This is going to be a humongous help, thank you  :cookieMonster:

Also seconded on sticky.

Why did you bump this when badspot posted another one?

They aren't the same.

The thing Badspot posted was a psuedo-guide to Torque functions.
This thing is more of a neat little tutorial to coding and shiz in Torque.

I say it deserves a sticky along with what Badspot posted.
Both of 'em together means epic win for coders. :P


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I guess I'll sticky it.  It would be a lot better if it wasn't a pdf file. 

Over 300? Try 7 under 400.

oh gawd, convert to html i shall.....
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I started it on Adobe 10 hours ago and it's still going.

i got the first 172 pages converted =D

I would really like this in a non-pdf, if someone could convert it I'd be really happy.