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This build contains three of my old medieval saves which I cleverly merged together. The build uses dashing brick terrain and my first try at brick trees. Hopefully you're pleasantly surprised that I also give out the save to this masterpiece so you all can enjoy, explore and get inspired. c:

Also found here

Cheers and PICS

All default btw.
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I love it. Save preview images?

I like the trees, and the buildings have good form, but the solid color makes it hard to differentiate it.

Save preview images?

If you mean an image for the save.. I didn't find it necessary. :)

but the solid color makes it hard to differentiate it.

Default colorset and thus I am unable to make something extremely appealing.
You could do it yourself tho.

It's great. I love those trees.

i like how the trees and grass are the same color.. in either case, its a cool build

This should be a default build if Badspot ever decides to add more to the game.


48/50 49/50

i have nothing to criticize at all; it's just smaller than i'd like.

i love the farmland design
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Amazing. Love it. Trees are awesome.

Hey, how many bricks are those trees anyway?

Do you mind if I edit this a little bit and use it in my build?