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I think China is just trying to make stuff up to balance out all the US concern over China product qualities. The fact that they complain about contaminated dirt and weeds really makes me think they are making it up. Americans eat this stuff to, and they would be sick of there was anything harmful in it. And since China claims it was harmful dirt and weeds, and not impurities from uncleaned shipping containers, that pretty much hits the nail in the coffin, for me anyway.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Or actually care about the safety of American bean exports? Probably not.

In other news, I love my new RSS feed reader.
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I would complain too.  Our Soya beans are disgusting.  :P

I won't trust anything from China that:

Has more than 4 moving parts
Is supposed to be edible

And I would say "anything that contains electronics", but I heard that an I-phone clone that recently came out actually worked pretty well.  Better than the real I-phone, actually.

But I still shun the purchase of Pollex watches.

why complain about things made in china? most of it is from US owned companies within china. its the same crap we make here.

why complain about things made in china? most of it is from US owned companies within china. its the same crap we make here.

Because they cut corners to save a few bucks, even if it violates laws that we have here in the states. Plus the quality of goods produced in China are marginally low, but the price is right for most consumers.

Here's an interesting fact: The FDA only checks 1% of all foreign imports.

why complain about things made in china? most of it is from US owned companies within china. its the same crap we make here.

It's a fact that a lot of clothing made in china contains formaldehyde, a cell changing chemical used in preserving dead bodies. It's also true that 20ppm (parts per million) formaldehyde can cause cancer and some other crap. It has also been recorded that some clothing contains up to 18000ppm. Go look at the tag on your shirt, does it say made in china? Yeah, that's what i thought.

Edit: If you don't believe me: lolproof

You're not allowed to use BBC. You're not British :(

Well, would you believe anything Fox writes?

*Van explodes*

My grandparents (who live in England) (I am british) always hear news about Iraq war and America that we don't even hear here in America.

Censorship = bad.

If you screwed up atleast tell us...then we can kick you out of office and get schwarzneagger in! ( I know we can't but it would rock).

A lot of you forget that people everywhere are losing jobs because countries like China are willing to do it for less than half of what it costs to have it done here. I lost my job this summer because a Taiwanese company sells their nautical souvenirs for 30% of what it costs to sell local, authentic souvenirs, therefore, the people I worked for went out of business this summer, when I need a job the most.

Americans are so quick to blame china for their problems yet it is their own fault on 2 levels.

First level : Capitalism. 

America is one of the strongest countries that believes in capitalism (AKA democracy). Capatilism is all about competition and one guy winning and the other losing. USA only started complaining when they were losing.

Second level : Expectations

American public expects to be paid a huge amount of money for doing very little (typing stuff into computers, selling stocks, ect) and all expect to have huge homes, large families and lots of material possesions. If Americans could accept that they don't deserve all that stuff (money, materials, ect) then American products could be cheaper or competitive with Chinese products.

Quality and safety has always been a boundary between American products and Chinese products, however this division is quickly closing as Chinese factories gain better skills and increase quality. This of course can all be read in the latest Popular Science since they did an article on it.

Vast majority of American citizens think that paying taxes and not killing anyone makes a model citizen, makes them worth all the stuff they recieve. The true model citizens are the labourers. The mexicans who mow lawns or build buildings. The janitors at school. Even farmers.

As for the safety of chinese products...those paints in the toys that they are worrying reported cases of injury. Soy beans? ugh...could care less.

I don't have anything against the Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, or whatever, it's not personal, the fact is, as you said, Capitalism, which is the opposite of Chinese communism for sure. I can respect the fact that they have families to feed, and the need for food and shelter. But as you said, we are only complaining because we are losing. I really don't have the problem that most American workers that are being replaced by the outsourcing of labor, I don't have kids, I don't pay rent, and I don't pay for my food. In that respect, I know that there are other people who are needier than I am, and are willing to work hard, if not harder. But actually, poor quality, or dangerous Chinese exports have been picked up by authorities before they can do any serious damage. I read that they executed one of their officials responsible for their equivalent of the FDA, which I applaud, it shows that they are serious, and that they actually make an effort to create quality products, or only to preserve their reputation internationally.

Haha, MSNBC posted this on their RSS feed:


How is the deaths of 2 honorable men a laughing matter?

And while were on the topic of World Trade Center....who here agrees with me that building this 'Freedom tower" is just creating an even bigger target?

I mean...if this new tower gets destroyed like the last one, it will destroy a huge amount of faith in government, in America and in our own security, even more so than 9/11 which many still believe was a 'surprise' attack.

Because MSNBC fails so hard, and so often.

The point wasn't at the deaths, it was how MSNBC is so quick to throw any and all crap into the news.