Author Topic: What was your guys' favorite Version? (when you joined - now)  (Read 1144 times)


What was it?

Mine would be V9, because thats when Events came out, and Badspot hosted that really awesome Arcade. I wish i had the save, though :(

if anyone has it, i would be glad to get hands on it! (via PM)

So, forum,
what is your favorite version?
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The newest one since it is always an improvement of the previous ones.

grr, shouldve made it so "that you "lived" through"

Or "Your favorite update/addition."

v11 Because I think physics came out then?

Probably v7 or v8....or v9. I can't remember which one, but I remember it being great. There was a lot of new stuff.

It was around v8, though.
It's been a while.

V8. there were only like 6K people around and all the servers were unique and innovative for their time. Or i was just a noob those days.

Whatever version BL was before TSS showed it and there was only the Bedroom map, a small close-knit awesome community and a stuffload of bugs where everyone usually got to chat with a then-fairly nice badspot personally a tad.

Haven't really played bl after 2006 but my little bro certainly has x.x

The newest one since it is always an improvement of the previous ones.

I would have to say V8, things were quite interesting around that time,  with fun and unique servers.  Even simple freebuilds were fun then.


Mine what v13
Yours what v13?

I spy with my little eye