Author Topic: Can the Blockland Forums solve a 48x48 word search?  (Read 6494 times)

first person to find badspot gets a free pokemon

i'm really sorry if i left someone out or put a name twice

holy god asdfasdfs i forgot forgettons of people
i'll do something to make up for it

rules and stuff:
take photo and find one or two words and post
one takes that other photo and finds one or two more and posts, and it keeps going
some are backwards and forwards, and up and down. no diagonal.

good luck
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bluh did some things

grassy's name doesn't count as a third word because he already found it

mind if I write a program to do this for me ??

remember to cross them out

these are real people right
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Munkey and Bisjac are on the top, but I don't feel like using Paint.NET right now.

did you write out this list from memory or look at who's online?

oh look I'm in there
Thank you

oh god im never finding my name

nvm found it on second look

did you write out this list from memory or look at who's online?
half and half
[IM G][/img]
god damn
i'll do it for you

I found FREEU and FREEM

what the hell is this sick joke