First Match - Sand Castle Wins (3 votes)

Sand Castle
3 (50%)
Eskimo Raceway
2 (33.3%)
Magma Marathon
1 (16.7%)

Total Members Voted: 6

Author Topic: [TOURNAMENT] TheKid's Speedkart Cup -munk's team dropped out hue-  (Read 5951 times)

I'll drive for redboner.

I'll drive for redboner.
Sorry, I picked BlockoBlocko already

Wait nvm Blocko is on a team

Nasoa, you're in my team

Can I be on your team Boner?

This is too confusing

Agent Creeper says he wants to be on my team, add him in OP

Is a helmet absolutely required? I much prefer my police hat

May I be an official sub?

Team Vokor:
Leader: Munkurious
Racer 1: TheBlackParrot
Racer 2: PiTheKhoz
Sub: Nullable
Color: Bold - 6
Kart: Vintage

Someone make a team with me.

Check the topic, punk!
you did NOT just call Ticonderoga a punk, did ya?!


Name: Penciling in for the Win
Leader: Ticonderoga
Team: SirLancelot7, Kreon
Kart: F
Color: Yellow
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Ticonderoga, I get Jeep because I did it before you.

So, go pick an another speedkart.