Author Topic: If AoT updated, what would you want in it?  (Read 6386 times)

I would want the male character (of course), better animation/graphical updates, and mods. What would you want in AoT?

For the expensive swords to actually do more damage

Hoo boy.

  • Male player models.
  • Better materials actually make swords better.
  • More towns, with more NPCs.
  • A reward for completing Level 2.
  • More dungeons, with different atmospheres and new rewards.
  • Hats.
  • Spell books required to use spells.
  • New spells, maybe a heal spell (uses a lot more magic than it heals health.)
  • Boats.
  • Less retarded resource-harvesting systems.  Axes for cutting trees, pickaxes for mining ore (though dynamite would work too), sickles for harvesting fiber.
  • Less retarded ways to get dyes.  Picking colored flowers/weeds perhaps?  Hell, anything besides magic swamp crates.
  • More unique models for monsters.
  • More monsters drop things besides gold.

Non-2001 graphics
More realistic movement
More female models.
Shadows and shaders. B)
More towns and NPCs.
More expansive trading system.

more breasts
Shemale Models.

A textured vag

Something that lets the game NOT DIE

Don't make a dumb joke, save a couple hundred brain cells.

dudes and Guns to make the game more manly.