Author Topic: Syntax Error With the Letter "D"  (Read 355 times)

I downloaded the add-on for Minecraft Blocks, download here.
I hosted a server with it, but I noticed that the code is somewhat sloppy and unorganized.
So what I did was I completely rewrote the code to my liking.
However, the following syntax error occurred in the console preventing it from launching the add-on at all.

Code: [Select]
Loading Add-On: Brick_BlockCraft (CRC:-437180993)
Add-Ons/Brick_BlockCraft/server.cs Line: 18 - Syntax error.
>>> Some error context, with ## on sides of error halt:
        brickFile = "Add-Ons/Brick_BlockCraft/Blocks/GrassBlock.blb";
        category = "BlockCraft";
        subCategory = "Building Blocks";
        uiName = "Grass Block";
        iconName = "Add-Ons/Brick_BlockCraft/Icons/GrassBlock";
dataBlock fxDTSBrickData(##D##irtData)
        brickFile = "Add-Ons/Brick_BlockCraft/Blocks/Dirt.blb";
        category = "BlockCraft";
        subCategory = "Building Blocks";
        uiName = "Dirt";
        iconName = "Add-Ons/Brick_BlockCraft/Icons/Dirt";
datablock fxDTSBrickData(CobblestoneData)
>>> Error report complete.


The syntax error is only the first "D" in "DirtData".
Why is this happening?
Please help!

datablock is case sensitive. You wrote dataBlock.

... IIRC. Otherwise, there's some syntax error above it.

I feel stupid.