Author Topic: My mom bought grandpa cologne for my little brother  (Read 487 times)

My mom bought these little roll-on cologne bottles and gave me one that smells like regular ass musk.
But the other one smells like that stuff that grandpa's wear and he just rolls it on all over his body and its terrible. my mom keeps telling me not to tease him about his old man smell because she wants him to like his new cologne even though its so god damn strong.
He decided it'd be funny to roll that stuff on me so now i smell like an old man and i've taken 3 showers; still wont come off


Dress up as a grandpa and get the seniors discount at burger king

mask it with another scent probably

also invest in some good stuff like Lacoste Blanc or Marc Ecko Blue.

I know marc ecko is usually for niggs but this stuff is on another level