Author Topic: THE SCHOOL BUS: NOPE  (Read 2216 times)

i dont know if anyone else here has ever ridden the school bus
or ridden the school bus with a ton of loud ass freshman
but it is quite literally the worse experience to go through as a highschooler. They literally are as self-aware as autistic children with giant egos and will do everything within their power to indirectly ruin the school bus for everyone else.

for example, screaming randomly at the top of your lungs for no loving reason whatsoever so the bus driver pulls over in 90+ degree blazing heat to wait for you forgets to stop being literal handicaps.

or yelling "TURN UP" at the railroad tracks because thats so loving funny.

not only that, but the middle-schooler's bus stop is across the street from ours, and they think its funny to make loud ass random noises to get the high and mighty highschoolers to look at them.

then again i cant really blame them because they are my primary motivation to getting a job to pay for gas TO DRIVE THIS DAMN CAR

Wow, that does not sound like my school bus o.o

Still, I hate riding the bus >:I

Everyone is so loud and annoying

i don't even ride the bus

glad i got to skip the mainstream high school experience, phew. although middle school was just the same, the snake game was all the rage those four years.

I don't know why I don't drive my self to school. But I am also annoyed by the autistic children that think they are the coolest.

This is why I'm glad that high schoolers have their own bus. And that in my area it has like 12 people.
So yea, good bus ride but its super bumpy and the roads are too turny.

the snake game was all the rage those four years.

what the forget

or yelling "TURN UP" at the railroad tracks because thats so loving funny.
you should tell them about the time a bus ended up getting hit by a train because everybody was being so loud and talking and everything that nobody noticed or heard the lights. The bus ended up getting hit and everybody on it died.

It's actually a true story.

My school doesn't have public buses.

Still, I hate riding the bus >:I
This, forget the bus
Even if the riders were dead-silent, the bus itself is noisy and the driver is usually a cunt.

Thankfully, my bus actually has mature people on it.

I walk 3 miles to avoid the bus.

well mostly because I like having time to think/listen to music, but whatever

Just threaten to kick their ass or something if they are being annoying.

OH MY loving GOD
my computer made a loving ad out of your words and autistic children was highlighted
and the loving ad says
"Are you seeking autistic children?"

My bus is pretty quiet, save for days a bunch of immature kids yell "forget" every other word and blast stuffty metal music and Skrillex through their istuffs.