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Spent some time at the Ol' Family cabin so i could attend the Frozen Dead Guy Days up here in the mountains of ColoRADo and got a picture of my truk and my uncles new truck.

the good old ferd

my uncles new truck

the high HP engine

My new car, 2017 Lancer. Unfortunately it's the best pic I have of it right now on my computer. Bought it two weeks ago, I love it so much. It's been two weeks, I let two of my friends drive it, and neither I nor my two friends crashed yet!!

Weak 148hp, but I need practicality not speed. Although performance mods aren't out of the question for the future, but right now I'm a broke high school student so...
I'm also throwing $250 on a loving wing for it, because good financial decisions

Gonna be making my car up to be a lot sharper looking.  I can't have those ugly chrome accents on there anymore, gotta cover them up properly with some ember black metallic 3M vinyl wrap, it will also include a full roof wrap.  Also putting on a sicker grill to match that I picked up off ebay new for pretty cheap at 90 bucks OEM.

A before, really wish I captured the angry looking LED running lights above the main LED's that angle inwards.

This is my 1965 Ford Mustang. Good ol' 289 V8. It's its original automatic as well, with the automated convertible top. It has the original leather Pony Interior with the pearl inlay on the seats. It was a bitch to get running but man has it been fun. Had to replace the fuel pump, battery, solenoid, fan belt / drive and the plugs. I still need to finish the chrome rocker strips and install the LED lights up front.

330ci might be goin up for sale after i fix the compression issue at wot, getting sick of looking at the dents and paying for the oil it likes to chug. thinking of getting a honda em1, gsr, or rsx type s. if i do, i'm surely gonna miss rear wheel drive and the bmw interior (namely seat heaters, but i can make some if needed), but old hondas are so much cheaper to own and mod lol. i mostly want a great-handling lightweight car-- after a few mods it'll still be a lot slower than my e46 (the em1 at least), but it'll feel faster and as such i'll be less likely to get any more tickets smfh
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i'm looking at MR2s myself because I am a sane and logical person with a 50 mile commute. I was hoping to find an sw20 in my budget but I think I might have to settle for an aw11 lol.

Put my new grill on and had the chrome accents wrapped, I will get a better picture of the other parts of the car that were blacked out

my car is brand new again

only took almost 4 years to put 4-5 thousand miles on it lol.

can someone post that one picture of Lightning McQueen where his headlights are his eyes and he says "kerchoo"

I bought another automobile

a 2004 mini cooper S monte carlo edition (basically just a regular S with some exterior and interior bits)

I've only driving an hour so far but I like it, the clutch and brakes are super forgetin grabby so it's gonna take a while to get used to it but, eh

can someone post that one picture of Lightning McQueen where his headlights are his eyes and he says "kerchoo"

*anxiously waits to afford a tag and insurance*