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But you can't lie, there are many innovative uses for it; It's sort of become staple in movement in blockland.
An example being in the game gunz, K-Style is a fighting style that purposely exploits glitches in the engine. A while ago the devs patched it and 70% of the playerbase left the game. TL;DR that patch got revoked the next day, and now the devs completely support K-Style, and even use it themselves in game. In fact, in their new game, Gunz 2: The Second Duel, they're making an active goal to keep K-Style alive.

Some glitches end up making really cool mechanics, and I'm on the side of the people that want it. Not to mention:
Just because a bug is well known doesn't mean it's become sacred and we can't axe it. Wall jumping is not Blockland's quick-scoping. It does more harm for the game (e.g. people breaking out of maps, cheating level design that looks like it should be perfectly suited to keep people from jumping out) than it does good (i.e. sometimes people use it for unintuitive jump challenges.) It should be fixed completely; don't even leave an option to turn it back on.

It's pretty simple. This is a bug. It's not even that consistent, being able to actually gain height is luck-based. For any minute application where climbing walls in this manner is actually useful, it can be made 100 times better with a mod such as the parkour player or the zombies from zapt

Anyone care to post the Futurama "FixItFixItFix" GIF?

Anyone care to post the Futurama "FixItFixItFix" GIF?
no, bob the builder,