Author Topic: What is your most feared enemy in gaming?  (Read 6351 times)


Regenerator was damn near impossible to kill in Pro mode cause it insta-killed you, and its creepy as hell.

Tiny little penguin men on a giant ufo with guns.

wait but like no combine was ever a threat at all ever

you just go HA HA I WILL SHOTGUN THIS MAN IN THE FACE and you shotgun them in the face and the threat is instantly solved

like even en masse you just shotgun them and then skedaddle the forget outta there when you need to reload (if you need to reload at all) and then waddle back into the fray
but like straight out of ravenholm i only had like 10 shotgun shots left and then I had to kill some fast zombies which it which left me with like 3 shots left, and then I was at the parking lot place where you had the large groups of combine attacking the rebels.

and i missed a couple times and ran out of shotgun ammo, and they shot the explosive barrels by me and killed me a couple times. Then I ended up just making my way through it using grenades and the AR2.

see specifically i really didnt like the ar2 because it allowed you to actually exchange shots instead instantly kill targets who rely on single blows

like theres a sort of rock paper scissors to ranged combat and it all revolves around skill; if the enemy is using some weapon that relies on many shots to do damage, you shoot them once with a powerful one-shot weapon to kill them before they can fire enough shots to hurt you. if the enemy is using a weapon that fires one shot but with a cycle time that leaves them vulnerable, use an automatic weapon to hit them while they're reloading and defend yourself or make yourself hard-to-be-hit while the enemy is firing their shot, dampening the damage

in essence just use the type of weapon they aren't using

like you can hassle zombies no problem with smgs pistols and the rifle because they're slow and they rely on hitting you once while you're not paying attention. so what you do is dodge them, then while you know where they are (and have not leaped) lay into them with an assault rifle instead of wasting shotgun ammo on them and possibly missing

random people in gta online
or having 3 stars or more on the ground in gta online

i hate these things they freak me out

Gravity's attraction, TWR, DeltaV, Creepers, PACT artillery and airstrikes, time and initiative, and finally, the Mac operating system and a MacBook's specs, and my Internet connection speed.

holy loving stuff this so much
god i hate these forgeters

i accidentally ran through a nest of them and my starfish grew three sizes that day

ahh.. My least favorite enemy in New Vegas. I only played hardcore and my followers just loved dying by these. Not to mention I myself had trouble not getting poisoned and murdered by them.

loving titans
loving TITANS SOOOOBIGaahhhhh