Author Topic: Make your own Quote  (Read 3935 times)

"Always check for hidden cameras before masturbating."

I made the mistake of forgetting once

Knew this cigarette would come in
would rather be a cigarette than have downs syndrome

"Every every, has an every"

"but im too lazy to do that now"
actually thats a real quote aoki uses for rin and his steam profile:

"I really don't like any of you."

"I will breed with everyone"

"don't forget to join the nigerian cunts"

"u dont like space u aint got no taste"

"don't forget to join the nigerian cunts"
Your favorite Quote "its autistic, all of it"

"it's five thirty in the morning and i just ate cold pancakes with a spoon
i don't have control of my life and i probably never will"

"sanic hedghog is 2fast2cool"

Sit to stuff- Public bathrooms.

Ahem, "When you sit, to take a stuff...You should never ever fear. Be proud and be clear, so everyone can hear!"

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