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Author Topic: BROCKRAND COMICS: MERR CHRIMBUS  (Read 512024 times)

was bored and saw lego lad doing a pun and then

this is probably accurate
thats pretty gr8

hey man u better watch out

you better sheth that knife or else you'll be having a gr8 day in jail

this is some pretty knife stuff

best brockrand moment of 2015 (because its about me)

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Are my puns too axecruciating?

Are my puns too axecruciating?
ive got a chop on my sholder about it

So, because I love you guys and hate myself, I decided to catalogue every quality Brockrand starting from page 1.
There are some gaps in the numbering system, but that's because there were some comics (mostly Bomb Kirby's) that were 404'd.

Not all of them made it in, either, because I had to keep a quality standard, even if it is Brockrand Comics. Also, ones that were one-off jokes or not related to Blockland/Brockrand were not included.

The filename system is e### name_# YYYY-MM-DD p#

e is the Brockrand edition.
name is the author's name minus spaces, with # being the number of comics that person has made. Also, if it's a collab there'll be a + in between each of the names of the ones involved
YYYY-MM-DD is the date of its being posted
p# is the page it was posted on


There's a total of about 414 comics by 116 individual artists.
The person with the highest number of comics is Kohoutek with a whopping 57 comics.
The person with the largest gap in between comics is Tonkka, who stopped at edition 11 and did not post another comic until edition 413, meaning that there was a 402 comic gap in between comics for him.
There were only 7 collabs (not counting Brockrand Bash), resulting in 8 comics.

2014 had 231 comics, over half (120) of which were made in the first month of the thread being posted.
2015 had 173 comics.

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Great, now someone send that to Darkhorse Comics and let's capitalize on dis stuff