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Author Topic: The Brighter Dark's ISLAND DOGFIGHT  (Read 22748 times)

Hey guys, I recently completed an Island dogfight server. It features custom mods, 4 capturable islands, and default styled weapons. The objective is for your team to capture all the islands, then take the enemy base, or to score 1000 points before the opposing team. Includes Biplane, Stunt Plane, and Stunt Plane MG. Fly planes to the islands to capture them, or take boats to sneak under anti aircraft turrets.

Server Rules:
Refrain from spamming in any form.

Respect all users

Do not shoot friendly vehicles

If a glitch is found, report it.

Use common sense







The Brighter Dark (2227)
ClOuD9 (24632)
Cowboy6 (33249)
Ravencroft (2229)
Sylvanor (118)
Herecy (216)
FloppyDisk (1681)
Crown (2143)
Silverfish (4666)
Swat725 (7208)
Whirlwind (8429)
bubbler (9772)
Faraday (47704)
WALDO (13063)
Allun Pentax (30881)
Knox (34242)

There are no applications of any kind.

Special Thanks to:
Wrapperup and Eldorado, modding the stunt plane

Heedicalking, Letting me use his anti air cannon

Jasa - Editing the parachute

Many helpful blockheads, making small islands to add detail to the map

Whirlwind, eventing

Allun Pentax, Screenshots
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Looks pretty cool. I'll probably swing by tomorrow.

I mentioned exactly 32 days ago on some other topic that there should be another island dogfight capture point TDM like Sailorman's.

dis gon be gud

There are not enough TDM's or Dogfight servers nowadays, so I really hope to play this one.

man 4pm is too far away. can we just open now? lol

Damn, I'll definitely be here tonight. Looks awesome!

Cool! I wish I coulda helped more but I'm still stuck without a computer :/

Cool! I wish I coulda helped more but I'm still stuck without a computer :/
How'd you post then?

EDIT: Oh yeh, phone.

Ooohh I can't wait!

How'd you post then?

EDIT: Oh yeh, phone.
two tablets and a phone are all I have right now while I wait for my laptop to come back from repairs

Cool, the build looks amazing, as always.

Nice work TBD! It looks great as always! I'll make sure to drop by some time.