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Pixel Spells is a random idea I got some time earlier this year. The weapons have a pixel-esque look and perform like arena weapons. Each "pixel" has a unique function.

Rapid Fire

-Fast fire rate
-High damage
-High amounts of spread
-Limited range


-Long range
-No spread
-If you hold down the mouse button the weapon will charge, upon a full charge the emitter will change
-Upon a charged shot the weapon will insta-kill
-Slow fire rate
-You have to actually aim
-On a charged shot you can explosive jump


-Upon detonation has a damage radius
-Projectile bounces
-Impacts are a one shot kill
-Slow fire rate
-Projectile has an arc limiting its range


-Each hit drains health from the enemy and gives it to you
-If a teammate is hit, they are healed by you
-Medium amount of damage
-Limited range


looks better in a smoother frame rate
-Every projectile you are looking being shot towards your front will be reflected
-You can hold down for reflections, no need to time anything
-You're vulnerable from your sides and back

Balancing/Map Design
First thing, please remember these are balanced around arena styled gameplay. Included in this pack is the Pixel DM Playertype, this is exactly the Quake-Like player but shows your health when damaged. I recommend using this player type or any other faster player. I would give players every weapon for a deathmatch, but make a pick-a-spell (class selection) system for team deathmatch modes, it makes it more interesting, for each weapon counters another.

Map-wise I'd make something with large open spaces with medium to small sized backways. Be sure to include multiple height levels, it makes gameplay more interesting!

As a bonus I'll include a map I built myself, it doesn't look impressive but it plays out decent. It's a capture the flag map and has a Pick-A-Spell system. This is the map I tested balancing on and such. Included in the zip is the required Add-Ons and the save itself.

Download ctf_pix1

The following were filmed during the beta.

Add-On Showcase - Pixel Spells
My stuffty beta preview

Me - Scripts, sounds, idea
Aware - Brick models and general support
Tristan Luigi - Item and kill icons

Download Weapon_PixelSpells

It hope you all enjoy, it puts a smile on my face seeing people have a good time with these :)
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The heal message is a little messy right now, I forgot to fix that earlier, I'll fix it tomorrow when I can. This is only minor tho, so yea.
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pixel spells tdm incoming.

The health pixel won't work?

The health pixel won't work?
How so? Or are you asking if it will or not, if so it will. The message that displays when you heal someone just looks slightly sloppy, that's all. I forgot to update that before I released. It's barley noticeable.
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Mine's a round version of these, practically. :p
Well stuff, I didn't even remember those :/

I think they still are very different from each other in terms on how they perform and the "artistic" approach.