Author Topic: Blockland crashes after Loading Music  (Read 647 times)

I was trying to start a server when it crashed while loading at Loading Music

Any help?

Please follow the above FAQ and post your console.log
However I can already tell you the cause is most likely a faulty add-on.

I have no idea how to post my console.log, but here is when it crashed:
Executing config/server/musicList.cs.

ERROR: Brick datablock "brickzoneAirventData" has the same uiname as "contentBrickAirVent" (Air Vent) - removing.
BackTrace: ->ServerSettingsGui::clickLaunchGame->createServer->onServerCreated->verifyBrickUINames

Datablock Report:
  Base:    424
  Paint:   441
  Add-Ons: 3085
  Music:   0
  Total:   3950



The cause is most likely a faulty add-on.
Sadly the console.log can't tell us which exact add-on it is, so what I suggest you do is remove all of your add-ons from your add-ons folder. Then start your server, if it works, then add in some add-ons and try again. Keep doing this until the server crashes and then you've found your faulty add-on.