Vehicle Door Animations: Which Would You Prefer?

Keep door animations the same. Smooth, fluid animations, but vehicles with more than four animated parts  requires bot supplements.
12 (16%)
Make them open like the default .blb doors - No bots would be required, also allows me to free up animation threads for other things (turn signals, etc).
56 (74.7%)
Ditch the animated doors entirely, they have been a nuisance, they are only a tired gimmick.
7 (9.3%)

Total Members Voted: 75

Author Topic: Barnabas' Unceremonious Add-on Dump  (Read 112426 times)


This isn't gonna be a chain ban here right?

Great to hear! I look forward to the release. Also, do you have any idea of when they will be ready?

I want to release something this weekend.

Looking forward to seeing what you release.
Fingers crossed for the new Bengs.

Everyone I've spoken to today wants and seems to think that the vehicle will be the new Bengs, but as far as I know Barnabas hasn't made the 190 E variant yet. So unless it's already made, or he has decided to drop it, I don't think we will be getting the Bengs. It's not like people ever use the 190 E though, I've never seen it being used anywhere.