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Author Topic: Glass' Blockland Servers [CLOSED TEMPORARILY - Check Page 57]  (Read 55092 times)


This thread is for all discussions about my servers, post anything relating to my servers here.


Danny Boy
The Brighter Dark

Interested In Admin?

Fill out this tiny form and post it. Note that this is not a application, it just shows me who is interested so I get an idea of who to look for.

Please remove the parentheses when you post.

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Well the last 45 minutes or so have been absolute chaos on trench Wars with people breaking certain rules and complaining about weapons in game so I am going to address some of the issues now.

1) Insane over the top sky bridges are illegal and will be removed immediately. We don't mind you have bridges if they are reasonable. I'm talking about battleship like pieces of stuff.
2) We have a complete no tolerance policy against sit crouching and cheating of any type. If you are caught you will be punished. In this situation pretty much all types of cheating will lead to a permanent ban.
3) We will deal with the weapon issues people have been telling us and they will be done eventually but please remember that the myself and Thorfin who usually deal with the areas have other stuff to do besides Blockland and we also have other issues to address on the server which are more important and take higher priority.
4) A large update will be coming to trench wars in the near future but we may implement all the new features in different stages. I'm personally quite excited for them.
5) If you have a problem with the rules then leave the server. Quite frankly I've had it with people bitching because they don't like certain rules such as no insane bridges and admins should not and will not tolerate abuse just because you don't like the rules.
6) Please provide evidence of some kind if you're going to make an accusation. I can't just take your word for it. I was called a cunt about an hour ago because a player made an accusation without proof and I didn't act on it because it would be unfair.

I may update this list as more points come back to me. I'm pretty sure I had a few more but they've slipped out of my head. In future I will be referencing this post if people have problems. Many of the points also apply to Island wars and any other server Glass may host.




Glass - Hosting, Building, etc

AdinX - Spawn Rooms

Danny Boy & Ipquarx - Scripting:)

Fort Wars

Glass - Hosting, Building, etc

AdinX - Spawn Rooms

Danny Boy & Ipquarx - Scripting/Great Admins :)

Stratofortress - Letting us get exclusive before release mods!

Jasa - Giving us a free server!

Ide - Logos.


**Please attach a note to your donation with your name and BLID**


Q: What do I get if I donate?
A: You get a [Donator] tag and can also bypass the player limit (Being Worked On).

Q: Why should I donate?
A: Server hosting costs me $30, if I don't get a certain amount a month I will have to shut down because I don;t have funds to pay the full price.

*A Donation of $5 or more is required to get access to donator features*

Steam Group


I would like to help DAProgs make his RTB Chat Services Fix widespread by advertising it on my server, this is just a thing i'm doing just because I think RTB was the most useful tool to everyone on Blockland; something not even Steam can replace.
Click To Download RTB Chat Services Fix
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Currently looking for modders with vehicle and modeling experience, along with any knowledge of missile tracking; like found on the F-18 mod. PM me, I pay either PayPal or Steam games for large projects.

You've always hosted the best Trench TDMs.

Who's this friend?

Hey hey, maybe I'll actually have to get on instead of trolling the forums.

I'm too lazy to actually troll the forums.
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I'll definitely join one of these servers!

Damn I wish I could play.  Might donate though.

Let me guess, you never got the stinger?

Let me guess, you never got the stinger?
Uxie is an starfish, so no. He promised it would be done by the end of the summer, meanwhile look at us here in November.

Do you like need a model for it? If so, i could try and help you out.

If you can produce a model I might be able to produce a script.