Do you have or know someone with autism?

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Author Topic: autism tm - awards supposedly every tuesday  (Read 137247 times)

it is no longer wednesday, unfortunately

No, im not going to kill myself or shoot up the school like every depressed 15 year old kid so you can stop getting the party hats. Instead im going to whine about my life.

Its summer. Everyone is having fun, going out, going on holidays ans whatsnot. Except me. All I do is jack off all day and cry myself to sleep because I have no friends and im too socially anxious to make some. I have literally none ambition. I have no idea what am supposed to do with my life. Im not smart. Im not strong either. Im not handsome at all and I have no talent at all. I feel like im an obstacle to everyone and constantly trip people or make life harder for them. And the only thing I do about it is going on this goddamn forum and complain about it because theres nothing else I can do about it. My life is completely pointless. And if I somehow manage to get a job instead of ending up on the street sucking off richard for crack. Itll probably be some stuffty office job for 45 loving years untill I retare at the age of 65 and die the next die because of the chronic backpain I got from sitting on my ass all day because a stuffty office job is the only loving job my frail body can handle. I just want to do something that will contribute to the world. A job where people say I did a great damn job. I dont want to die and be forgotten into existance a week after. The toughts about my future has been making me really depressed lately. I just dont see myself doing anything because I cant do anything. And all I do is complain about it... There are people with allot worse problems and I cry over my silly ones. I am literally the worst. The only job I see myself doing is fixing and assembling PC's n stuff. But probably all there is to do is removing snake enlargement virusses because people are too retarded to get a virus in the first place. I dont want to do that same exact thing for 45 years. And if it really comes down to it id rather become a loving chicken farmer. Living the dream. And all I really want is to get praised by people. No matter how pointless it is what I did. Yeah sure I want a job and have a cool house and all but whats the point if you die afterwards. Its all gone anyways. I just dont see the point in doing stuff anymore.

"I'd rather become a chicken farmer living the dream." you guys gonna do an awareness campaign for that guy now?

Espio has a strong case of the autism

he needs some support

Espio has a strong case of the autism

he needs some support
Considering esipo is into CP he might have something beyond our treatment capablitys

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About the app:
you play as paul and beat up jimmy neutron and take over his lab!

i have autism irl but shrug it off please cyberbully me

Yes Jiggy, we know you have autism. Not hard to figure out

He is too autistic for this clan, we can not bring him in.