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Autism tm is the first and only activist group operating in Blockland. We have dedicated ourselves to raising awareness about the hard lives of the autistic on virtual worlds and message boards such as this one. The internet is like the golden gates of Heaven to the autistic, a portal to a new world where they are free from the abuses of real life. Some, however, take great joy in causing suffering to these already challenged people through what is masked as criticism but is actually called "trolling", purposely harassing an individual to cause emotional distress. Trolling isnt the only danger faced by the autistic, due to a general lack of ability to read social cues they are often taken in by strange internet cults and fandoms who promise friendship in return for loveual deviancy that keeps the cult members away from mainstream society and draws them into depravity. The troubles an autist will face are all easily preventable through proper removal of "troll" users and other things that could cause shock and harm to these poor people, but they are sadly not enforced and some autists are even banned by administrators, who are either unaware of the challenges these people face or are even purposely malicious towards them. We are here to spread awareness about these problems to help change Blockland and beyond into a safe space for everyone.

Please, support autism tm today.  

  • You: 29064
  • Ravencroft: 2229
  • Kickflow: 27944
  • Betelgeuse: 51142
  • Ben Grapevine: 5364
  • Wohooya: 159296
  • Torin101: 36499
  • Hodotot: 18947
  • Legodude77: 23316
  • Yes: 22935
  • Honno: 42358
  • Sugar: 34476
  • Lady: 25529
  • Grimlock/Patton360: 20075
  • Toxicology: 29857

Autism tm takes recruitment very seriously, and with so many applicants we can only take the best and brightest. We try to recruit those who are autistic or have been touched by autism at some point in their lives and so we request that applicants only post the time autism has most affected them or a loved one, for better or for worse.

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Forum Suicide Graveyard
Dedicated to the souls lost to internet bullying. May they rest in peace.

A section devoted to a positive portrayal of autism through the arts


Cool Boi (hodototman)




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Even if you aren't officially in autism tm you can still show your support by donning parts of or even the entire garb of official members to help show support and raise awareness.

Just remember, autism abuse is an easily preventable problem that only people like you can stop. We hope you have been touched by autism as we have and will do your part to help stop these atrocities.

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I know someone with autism, this isn't funny!!1!

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