Author Topic: 2015/01/13 - Blockland r1956  (Read 55014 times)

  • Brick movement is now camera relative when in free cam mode


  • Increased datablock limit to 8k, that'll be fun to download


might actually start playing this game again

My God.. it's full of features!

am I doing it wrong

Only the latest version shows up on the list.  It takes a bit for people to update their servers.

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everything freezes on ports when someone clears bricks, visually.
you can still see people's alarms and stuff tho.
is this just his server or can someone else confirm this on theirs?

I thought that everything had broke once i cleared but I couldn't be bothered to ask if it wasn't just me before I left.

I was caught off guard by this, yay update!

Look what you've done.
I've been waiting for the modter update for a year now lol

The brick limit increase is a complete win :D

Well, time to update my server.
Sweet update.

holy stuff
I was wondering why AiConnection wasn't working

what was the motivation for removing it?
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