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The Chocobo (pronounced chōke-ō-bō) is a flightless bird from the Final Fantasy series.
They are usually considered a peaceful avian creature...until you piss it off, that is.
Chocobo's can be fierce in battle and may help aide allies through deadly sandstorms
by providing transportation on their backs. They can run pretty fast, too.
Of course you should try to befriend it first, or it might just attack you.

*-Custom Model, Animations, and Sound
*-Includes a WILD and TAME version
*-Includes a SMOOTH and FLAT shaded variation
*-Has a unique Skybox and Ground texture to go with it


Wild Chocobo does not have a saddle, collar, or leather helm and cannot be mounted

Gothboy - Model, Animation and Scripts
ChocoboPah - Inspiration ;D


Info: Important
These are not bot holes for a very specific reason: People who join the server cannot see animations on bots, unless they have the add-on installed (as far as I know?)
For this reason, the Chocobo is a PLAYERTYPE which means you can apply it to any bot
using the changeDatablock event and players who join the server will see the animations as well. Players can also be the Chocobo, so it's a win-win.

Another thing, it's best to use the Tame-Chocobo with the horse or any regular mountable bot. If you use the default blockhead bot, the Chocobo will dismount you after 3 seconds

Click Here to ride the SMOOTH SHADED Chocobo!

Click Here to ride the FLAT SHADED Chocobo!

Want the full Chocobo Experience? Get the Ground and Skybox!
Take me to the dunes!
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Looks cool. I'm downloading it now

Featuring the most blurry screenshots you could afford.
What are you hiding?

Featuring the most blurry screenshots you could afford.
What are you hiding?
I've taken some (hopefully) clearer screenshots.

This is just the tame model, but the shading looks off.
It also reminds me a bit of some of the models in roblox, but that's probably not important.

Looks better without jpg

Ah, its all smooth shaded.
Looks... weird.

awesome, playertypes are being made again.
can't wait to see what people make.

Thanks for the support guys

Looks better without jpg
Idk why but my image service converts large .pngs I upload into .jpg. It really gets on my nerves. It's more than likely to save them on bandwidth.

Featuring the most blurry screenshots you could afford.
What are you hiding?
I took a DOF screenshot because of the sandstorm. Here is an outdated but regular screenshot

Note: this is an older model and doesn't have the helmet handles yet

Ah, its all smooth shaded.
Looks... weird.
Originally it was Flat shaded and I wanted to keep it that way but after comparing it to the smooth shaded model I decided to go with it instead.

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I like it flat shaded better.