Author Topic: Brick Scrolling [Update 3/18/15]  (Read 11120 times)

Brick Scrolling

(Click image to see the preview video)

To use...
1. Bind the modifier key, Scroll Group Bricks, found in the Building subdivision in Controls.
2. Select a brick in your regular brick shelf (Press 1 to open the shelf).
3. Hold the key and scroll the mousewheel up/down to scroll through all the bricks in the same subgroup (You can check the subgroup in the brick store by pressing B).

- Works with all bricks in a subcategory, now including custom ones
- Uses infinite scrolling (the scrolling loops)

- Does not work with Too Many Bricks Inventory.

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Holy crap that's awesome.

Wow, kinda reminds me of the brick inventory from RTB 1.x

It's a great mod, as useful as Auto Jet. :)

*reads description*

that sounds strange. why would that be a good thing

*watches video*
*1x1 becomes longer*


Nice work. This is fantastic


That's amazing!

This is very helpful.

Very clever and it looks like it will be very useful.

Would be pretty amazing if the bricks could be scrolled on the x, y and z axis as well

Very useful stuff man, huge thanks.

hooolyyy shiiIIIIIIITTT

Holy forget it's amazing

Amazing. You earned a download.