What is your favorite vietnam war gun

18 (37.5%)
7 (14.6%)
8 (16.7%)
15 (31.3%)

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Author Topic: Aidan¹²'s Marine corps.  (Read 19434 times)

I'm excited to see the M60 Patton.

hold up
in 2013 you chose the name Aidan10
and two years later, in 2015, it's Aidan12?
do you change the number based on your age???

Aye, I'm turning 13 in a bit so i can finally join BLF, Yay 5 me, Also i used to be Aidan8 on my alt iirc

I have an old Omaha beach save from a couple months ago. Its mediocre at best, pm me of you want it

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I like the marines because...and the Navy are full of pussies.

You got a problem with us boot?

I will try to host sometime soon guys, Lately i have been trying to but nobody could join so i will keep you updated.

Do you have steam:Yes
Are you mature:No
Why do you want to enlist:I don't know
Do you have any history knowledge:Early America
Do you have any suggestions:No
If you want to apply for admin who recommends you:I don't want to become admin
What skills do you have:I'm a weak scrawny nerd
Final question, Do you like the marines:No
Why do you like the Marines?

That wasn't even a try, Hawts enlistment sheet looked better then this, also i think you should take you're stuff elsewhere

O.O I guess I'll have to change my server to something other than just USMC now.

O.O I guess I'll have to change my server to something other than just USMC now.
sorry for late post but you can do whatever you want.

I would like to enlist
Do you have steam: Yes (BLUEFIRE10123)
Are you mature: Yes
Why do you want to enlist: Bc I like the set up of the clan and I want to be a part of a military clan
bc I have qualitys that I think this clan can benefit frm me and I think that I can be a helpful member
Do you have any history knowledge: a little bit
Do you have any suggestions: yes... I think that a air support team would be good and heavy artillery team
and a couple of sniper units.
If u want to apply for admin who recommends you: no one recommends me but I would like to try out if possible
What skills do u have: I'm a good sniper and gunman and a decent builder... not really good with vehicles tho sorry
Do you like the marines: yes bc they protect this amazing country:)
My BL_ID is  48424 My bl username is BlueFire10123